Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coloring Party Favor with SRM

I mentioned I was on a roll, right? The Old Navy 'impulse buy' aisle near the cash registers was extremely fruitful the other day. I found the bracelet from yesterday's post and these 'Crazy Crayons':
I mentioned yesterday that I've been thinking about ways to embellish the outside of the SRM tubes. When I saw these crayon rings, I though they'd fit perfectly on the Magic Wand tube and they did. I put together this little crayon party favor:
Rolled up inside the tube are a few free birthday-themed coloring pages I printed from Crayola.com:
I finished it off with a very simple tag with a Birthday Sticker Sentiment and a couple of We've Got Your Border stickers at each end:
The ribbon tied near the tag holds the crayons on the tube - as does that little bit of twine. This was so simple to make and would be very easy to mass produce.

So, today it's back to school for me after a not-so-relaxing spring break. Of course, I left my homework until last minute so I was up late last night drafting. Now the actual designing part of the class can start. Glad to see I didn't forget everything I learned so far. I guess it's working!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Jaclyn Miller said...

What a CUTE idea and a great party favor!

soapHOUSEmama said...

another winner!!!! very cute!

~amy~ said...

SUPER cute.

~jan said...

You just keep rolling right laong with these fabulous tube ideas, my friend! :) Love this - heading to ON today so I can make one!

JulesHollis said...

What an adorable favor idea!! very cool crayon find.

Jennie M said...

fantastic idea!