Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Photo Shoot

I got it into my head on Sunday morning that I needed a new head shot. There's nothing more stressful to me than having my picture taken and since the DH is traveling, it was either going to be a tripod/remote operation, or my kids were going to have to assist. I didn't have the patiece to do the set up so I enlisted my 8 year old girl. Of course, once the girl is involved with the 'big camera' the little boy wants to participate too.  I remember my dad letting me use his big Nikon when I was very young and figured we couldn't do much harm. I used them as models to set the settings then handed over the camera. The lighting on Sunday was perfect, it was a pretty good hair day (lol) so the results were surprisingly good....here are my two faves, as shot by Marilyn & Christopher:

I probably should photoshop out all the background junk but not bad for grade schoolers!

Two more days until the 12th and I'm getting ready to start the Ella Publishing Take Twelve Photo Challenge. Also, if you haven't seen, the new Ella Publishing Friends have been announced. It sure was a great year working with Angie & Wendy - those gals are in for a great time.

Back later this week with a page I made for the Elle's Studio sketch challenge and a double I made for Pebbles, Inc. Hope you are having a great week!


patti west said...

Your pics are sweet, Val! Your children are so cute and you are lovely. :)

jamie long said...

I can through my pics and pick out the ones when I took the pic because it was a good hair day lol, even the really old ones. I guess I have so few they are really memorable ;)

Valerie said...

Thanks Patti!
And Jamie - I can totally relate to that - they are rare occurances for me, too :)

Keshet said...

Not bad at all! So cute!

~jan said...

Beautiful photos, Val!

~amy~ said...