Friday, June 3, 2011

The Flickr Observations

I've been spending some time this week re-populating my sadly neglected Flickr photostream.

While uploading a bunch of the projects I've made over the last few weeks/months, I realized something - somewhere along my scrapbooking way, I became a 'cardmaker.' Good/bad - I don't know. Honestly, when I started making layouts I dreaded the idea of making cards. I'll even say I avoided making them. When I first started my photostream, there were mostly layouts and mini albums - hardly any cards. I realized the 2 major factors contributing to the transition: 1) being on 4/5 card-related design teams, and 2) having almost no time. Let's face it - they are smaller and faster to make. This in turn has explained to me why I've got at least 90% of my last 6 Studio Calico kits shelved and collecting dust. Cards just don't take that much product.

Some other observations I made about the photostream:
1) When you are short on time, the 'stream' is a great way to see what everyone is up to, providing they are not like me and actually updating on a regular basis.
2) So many awesome groups & collections of inspiration on the Flickr - like SRM, PaperCrafts Connection, fellow papercrafters, manufacturers, even scraprooms, cookies, cute packaging & interior design. I've been a little distracted by the Pinterest -  but Flickr never disappoints and isn't as slow to load!
3) You can learn a lot about your own style by reviewing your photostream.  For instance, I learned that I've been abusing the following products: baker's twine, my Big Shot 'top note' die and little wavy banner things. Not a big surprise. I need to lay off these items because I don't want to be known as  'baker's-twine-Big-Shot-loving-wavy-banner-thing-girl.' Time to work on some new tricks.

Thanks for indulging my Flickr thoughts. I'll wrap it up with another SEI layout. I finally dropped them off at Scrapper's Cove on Wednesday and even managed to spend less than $20 in the store. That is a record for me.
materials: patterned paper: SEI; stickers: SRM; tape: Tim Holtz; letters: American Crafts; pin: Jenni Bowlin; ribbon: May Arts

...And yes, my abuse of the Top Note die and the little wavy banner things is not limited to cards, as you can see here. I used the Couture line by SEI. Not exactly comfortable with the shiny whiteness of it all but it worked ok with these photos.

Happy Friday, everyone - thanks for stopping by!


Keshet said...

It's so interesting to see your style evolve over time like that. Similarly, the reason I love Pinterest is because by seeing things I love grouped together, I figure out exactly what I like--like, "oh I must love white cabinets because I have 12 kitchens pinned with them!"

Sara said...

I don't "Flicker", but I do "Pin" & Holy Cow does it waste my crafting time!! Your LO is just GORGEOUS! Congratulations to your daughter on her 1st Communion! She looks beautiful!

Cristina said...

Hee. I know what you mean about feeling like you're about to be typecast as the girl who always does *xyz.* But I always think your work is so fabulously fresh and still so YOU. What's the line between having your own signature style and being repetitious? Still trying to work that one out for myself. Rambling, but your post made me think about it. :) Happy weekend!

jamie long said...

that layout is beautiful Valerie, I think cards somehow just takover your life lol.

Donna Jannuzzi said...

The layout is beautiful Valerie. I've said this a million times before, because *it's true*, your cards are so pretty and wonderful and gorgeous and creative. I think you have a talent there, I really do.

~jan said...

You are so funny-I visit your blog often and I certainly dont think of you as the "baker's-twine-Big-Shot-loving-wavy-banner-thing-girl"! :) Your layout of M's First Communion is lovely, a beautiful girl on a beautiful day!

aurorafedora said...

oh, i am a lapsed scrapbooker who also has turned to card making!
beautiful communion page, val!

dstandard said...

This is gorgeous - love your details!

~amy~ said...

Love your take on your made me go back to my own flickr to see my projects...sheesh, I guess I'm not afraid of a little color:)

I LOVE your style and funny that you didn't start off as a cardmaker...that's what drew me to you and when I discovered that your Scrappy style was like your cardmaking style, I was in heaven:)

Today's layout is sooooo make it look everything so very perfect.