Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A to-do list kind of day…

Just a quick update so you don’t forget me! Feels like I’m up to my ears all the sudden. I actually had to make a scrapbooking to-do list so I don’t overlook anything this week.

Here’s the list:
1) Scrapper’s Cove projects, due tomorrow and I have just this morning taken the material out of the bag.
Cute stuff. This is the new Reminisce 'Making the Grade' line. Love that periodic chart.
In true Scrapper’s Cove form, they’ve thrown in an item I have never used before, and probably would have never used had it not been given to me in the kit this month. This month’s mystery product:
Flower Soft. Based in the U.K., there is an entire web site devoted to this product. I’m guessing from the name it gives a fluffy appearance. I will put the thinking cap on today while I’m sitting by the pool hosting a play date and do a little online research later on.

2) Write my guest blogger post for Ella Publishing.
I know what it is going to be about and I've been jotting notes down for a while now. I just have to put it together. I work well under pressure (or at least I think I do – I wonder what my family thinks about that?) That’s due on Monday & goes live on Tuesday. (So excited!) On another Ella note, they are hosting a "Friends of Ella" call - like a design team but so much more. Looks like a fantastic opportunity!

3) Make cards for the Cards Feb 2011 call. I went 0 for 6 last Valentine’s Day issue, guess the mojo wasn’t in full effect – I need to represent this year! Also due tomorrow (at midnight though – so I think I can, I think I can…) Here's one of my rejects from last year:

I remember thinking when I made this it was great, now a year later I see it with different eyes. Must have been wearing my 'love goggles' :)

4) Make my layout for The Studio for this week. The good thing about this one is that it’s already in my head. Just have to get it onto the paper.

5) also on the list...The Get Sketchy challenge for this week, The Create Blog (formerly Cards Blog) challenge for this week, and the My Sketch World challenges which I have promised Jan I would do!

I won’t torture you with the rest of the list, as it goes on through the month of September. A few DT submissions I ‘d like to try. Also a new venture on the horizon – more about that later.

In the real world, my girl turns 7 on Saturday. We are planning the family part for Saturday evening and we are hoping the possibility of a visit from Hurricane Earl is unlikely. No question, it will rain like crazy on Friday, and hopefully, that will be all. Don’t want to know nothing about no storm surge! While I used to think hurricanes were kind of cool, now, since Katrina, I can’t help but be nervous. We are way too close to big bodies of water and huge trees surround our house.

I’ll leave you with a little project I put together last month (my Studio Wednesday Extra Back-up Project). It’s a little photo sleeve – this would be a great way to give photos to someone as a gift:
This is all Cosmo. Mostly the Scuba line, which I have been hoarding. The white letters are Basic Grey and the pin is K & Co.
Speaking of The Studio, still a few more days to link up your Cyber Crop projects. Lots of sweet prizes up for grabs!!

I'll have my Scrapper’s Cove projects to post tomorrow…and hopefully no rejected cards in the week to come :)
That was the longest 'quick post' I ever wrote!


PinkPug,INK. said...

I love the photo sleeve; it's so cute! Wood grain alphas make everything look awesome. :)

lisa said...

The photo sleeve is just lovely. So nicely made. Wow, you have a long to-do list, enjoy creating and hope that nasty hurricane keeps it's distance from you x

Nicole said...

beautiful project...and good luck with that fluffy stuff, lol! :)

lisa truesdell said...

loooooooooooove the photo sleeve, and happy bday to your girl! lovely mix of products - have fun w/ them!

~jan said...

That is quite a "to-do" list! I work best under pressure as well. ;) Cant wait to see your Ella post-what a fantastic opportunity! Love that photo sleave-what a great gift idea!! I havent submitted anything in ages, but your post nudged me a little so I sent a few things into CARDS too! Keeping fingers crossed for both if us! :)

Keshka said...

You are one busy lady! Good luck getting those things off your list!