Monday, August 2, 2010

The Summer Cyber Crop & Some More Masking Layouts

I can not believe it's August already! Why does the summer have to fly by so fast? August is one of my fave months (next to October) but it is so bittersweet. Looming in the near future: the call to the pool guy to close the pool (waaa!) back to school prep (double waaaa!) and sending my little compadres off to school. (I'm one of those crazy moms that really like having my kids around in the summer.) Then the good stuff: our little end of month vacation, perusing catalogs for Halloween costumes, my birthday - some good stuff and now this, too:
Join 'The Studio' for the scrapbooking event of the summer! Great prizes, amazing classes with fantastic tutorials, fabulous guest designers and teachers, and more than enough inspiration to spark your creativity.
I'm very excited to be involved in this event and hope you will join in. You can also check out details on Facebook.

Next up, the 2 'dud' masking layouts I promised yesterday. I had a lot of trial & error with this challenge. First up is the strainer layout. (Excuse the Asbury Park photo redux. This layout spawned the Asbury Park mini album.  Same thing actually happened with the photos in the next layout, I just haven't finished that mini yet)...anywho...back to the strainer layout:
I sprayed my micro-batch white paint mist through a metal pasta strainer. Then I stitched the spirals over the dots to mimic the pattern in the windows of the building.  I added the dots of aqua paper to draw attention to the spirals and misting. Here are a couple of close ups:
Sewing in a spiral isn't easy but it sure is fun.
The results are a little unpredictable - in a good way.

Ok, next up is the 'tart pan' layout. I thought this would be a cute shape for these amusement park photos. Again, used my white paint spray:
This layout was going great until I sewed that row of tickets & the fabric strip down a little crooked. It's one thing to tilt something deliberately but when it's just a little off, it irks the bejeesus out of me. That''s just me. I like straight lines.
Here's a detail of the masking and my nearly invisible journaling written on the sewn wavy line.
Here's a detail of the title part of the layout:
So that's me today. Going to work on my Cyber Crop project, finish up that mini then need to host a play date.
Hope you have an easy Monday - thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Ghahary said...

great projects valerie! i love all the stitching and misting. we've always wanted to visit asbury park - your layout makes me think we really need to go! lynn :)

Marit said...

First of all, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! I LOVE your layouts! I'm a big sewing fan but haven't done spirals yet... I will keep it in mind for the next project! I love the way you use mist and colours, gorgeous!!!

Kelly Noel said...

wow, love love love your layouts, valerie!!

aurorafedora said...

i'm sorry, but i don't see anything wrong with those pages! ver cool stuff!

Christa said...

Those are amazing layouts! Love the stitching!!

michele said...

the layouts are just adorable!! great job misting! i love that you look forward to august ... i always dread it, and forget to find the good things. thanks for the reminder!

lisa truesdell said...

the strainer misting? brilliant! love these pages.

~jan said...

Loving your masking ideas! The sewn spirals over the mask is awesome!! :) Thanks for the heads up about the crop-will write it down so I dont miss it!

teacher jessy said...

Lovely projects!! Love how u created the masking & how you incorporated the rest of the embellies & photos!!

lisa said...

Hi Valerie, I love these LO's. I've never bought white of creamy coloured mists as I wasn't sure if they would show up or not. They obviously do : )
And chuffed means, very pleased.
Do you not use that phrase in the U.S? X

jennifer said...

Great layouts, I love the tart cases as masks, they make a great shape. I know what you mean about a slightly 'off' line, drives me crazy too!

I also like the effect of sewn spirals, I'm gonna have to give that one a try.

Thanks for you comments on my blog! xx

missusem said...

Hooray for masking :) Love your stuff Val!

Michelle said...

Cute page!! :) Love the misting & sewing! And I can't believe it's august yet, either! Goodness. Where does the time go?

milkcan said...

Very cool layouts! And those tickets look straight to me!