Monday, June 28, 2010


Just not feeling like making Halloween layouts so I spent a good chunk of yesterday putting stuff away. I use those flat Iris boxes to store stuff as I'm working, but after a while, the layers stack up inside the boxes and I forget what is in them.
Multiply that times 5 and it gets to be an albatross sitting under & on the desk. So, yesterday, I put paper away, filed scraps, put embellishments away, and this stuff:

This collects at the top edge of my desk; the random punched out, interesting shaped things. I never know what to do with this stuff. It's too pretty to toss. So, I just purged the pile and made it a little neater.

I also downloaded a couple of Ella eBooks that I purchased. I printed them to add to "the binder" (an eBook storage project I started months ago then abandoned). I usually print my books 2-up to save space, ink and paper. I also hate to read horizontal pages in a binder or book.

When I first started this project, I tried printing the books onto glossy paper, so it would look nice and shiny like a magazine. That was an enormous waste of ink & shiny paper. It looked awful. So now I just use regular paper and they print up just fine.
When I ressurected "the binder" project yesterday I realized I will actually need a bigger binder. In the meantime, I made a cover (and also realized I have not one single elephant shaped thing in my stash):
then I made some divider tabs - keeping it simple here & using only scrap:
Can't wait to dive into the new Eight is Enough eBook - it's by April Foster features the Studio Calico design team, and the Stacy Julian eBook "UR2 Cre8tive."

Ok, now back to Halloween - I think that is the 2nd or 3rd time I've said that on this blog in a week. Today I really mean it!


j.leija said...

fun binder!

Sara said...

Great binder! I make binders for all the sketches I find online makes things easier! I have been in a procrastinating mode today too.

Cindy Lee said...

The only occassion I hate making card for is Halloween....I don't know. Ohhh...your binder idea is great! I'm going to give this a whirl!