Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At long last...

I got to sit at my desk today. Actually sit there and make something. Best of all, I got to dive into my new Studio Calico kit (and pull a few items from previously untouched kits) to make some layouts. I've been steeped in card-making-mode lately. So nice to finally get back to where I started, and to actually have a little chunk of time to do so. Here they are in the works.
Can't really post the finished products because they are being submitted - but I will post them when/if they are rejected.
Also in my kit shipment this month - Studio Calico crop bags.

Essentially,  plastic bags with handles. I've been eyeing these things as my kits from months gone by are starting to pile up. I want to keep the kit stuff together for a while and I was running out of plastic storage sleeves & space.
Behold, the old system:
Good for 4 months then no good. Sleeves stacking up on the desk taking up precious crafty real estate.  Well, I can't tell you how happy these plastic bags have made me. (I know, I really need a life!) Here's how I store the kits now:

The hook is one of those removable Scotch hooks so it won't hurt the furniture. I used to use it to hang a Christmas wreath. Now, it has a new job. Makes me giddy when I look over and see the kits neatly hanging on the hook. Ahh, organization is good! Must order more bags!

Got an unbelievably huge box of prize winnings today via UPS. The prize is from a random draw on Moxie Fab World. Let me tell you, I can hardly believe the quantity of product in that box. It was the entire Fresh Print Clothesline Collection from Little Yellow Bicycle, plus a few extra things thrown in for good measure.
The packing list was 2 pages long. I had no idea the collection included all of this stuff. These are my favorites so far:
These are little fabric patterned chipboard letters (like fabric Thickers - LOVE these!)
I've been really wanting these pins..and check out that cute ruler ribbon:
Here's some really cute chipboard. I love the subdued colors, especially that grey:
Like Christmas in a cardboard box! Thank you Paper Crafts Magazine, Moxie Fab World and Little Yellow Bicycle for your extreme generosity!!

So, have you voted for Gallery Idol 2010 this week? We're in the second round. Voting is here until tomorrow noon (MST). That's 3 pm for us East Coasters. Now I know how those American Idol contestants must feel. I know the card I made was ok but not sure it was my best effort. I can see by the quantity of comments under my card that it's not winning the popular vote. Because of size restrictions on the photo, the reproduction is kind of bad looking, but so is everyone else's thankfully. Feeling a little nervous this week & not as confident. Either way, it's been a great experience. I'm glad I made it this far!


ArlaMo said...

Congrats on your prize package!! I thought I recognized an SC subber name.

Briana Johnson said...

Never thought to hang the crop bags. What a clever idea. Your page in progress is looking good. THose fabric letters - I want those too ; ) Good luck with your card. I know from looking at your blog that you are one fierce card maker.

Cindy Lee said...

Oh wow! Look at your prizes!!!! I really really love the chipboard letters!! Have fun!

Sarah Martina said...

Thanks for sharing! I adored your masculine card! It has been a pleasure chatting it up with you. :) Have a great weekend!