Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adios (for now) Halloween....

until October, that is, when I will welcome you with open arms. (I really do LOVE Halloween).

Finished up my Scrapper's Cove work this morning. Made 2 layouts, 3 cards and a mini. The mini isn't finished - I left it empty. I try never to submit unfinished work like this. I know me. I will rarely go back and finish stuff like this once I walk away.  I have a box full of unfinished projects from CKC and various classes I've taken. Minis that never got filled. (Part of the reason I don't take many classes any more.) Maybe I'll give this one away. Let someone else fill it up.
Got into the enamel groove this morning and discovered that the stuff works very nicely with a mask. Really holds it's shape - added some bats to the finished mini album cover above.
Some hearts to this card (in progress):
and finished:
I bet more intricate shapes would work really nicely, too. Wonder if this success has anything to do with that fact that the humidity in NJ dropped drastically overnight? I always have a problem when I try to ice cookies when it's humid. Maybe it's the same deal here? It's been crazy hot & humid in these parts. hmmm...maybe I was a little harsh in my judgement of the enamel?

Here are my 2 layouts:

So now, the fun part. I get to go to the Scrapper's Cove & deliver the goods. I always wind up shopping even though I resolve not to. Today on my list are some American Crafts Modern albums - as I need to get a grip on the layout organization system here. Until about a 2 years ago, I would only scrap my kids, in date order (yawn). Thanks to the influence of many scrappers, I have seen the error of my ways and now actually enjoy the process a lot more. So, my old system of an album for each kid is no longer effective. Hoping today to start taking apart the books where I've been storing the recent layouts (in no particular order) and put them back together ala' Stacy Julian. I remember first reading about her system in her book The Big Picture and I've been wanting to make the change ever since. Need to revisit that book today and plan the project, maybe while sitting next to the pool with a big glass of lemonade?  Also want to make a layout for this Ella challenge and hopefully use up some more Studio Calico goodies before the next batch arrives.


Sara said...

Cool mini!! And my jaw dropped when I saw the Disney LO's!! AWESOME!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner!!! Guess that enamel just found a place on your desk! Looks great!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Isn't strange how far in advance we have to work sometimes in this industry? Today I was sorting calls for our December issue and singing Christmas carols all morning...if only it was December!