Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The money shot...

is this weeks photo assignment. I was stumped and as usual, left the project til' the very last minute. This assignment is all about product/stock photography. I decided to focus on what I know, as you will see below. Gary (our teacher) told tales of people quitting their day jobs because they are so successful selling stock photography. Hmmm. I've got a long way to go before I get to the job-quitting level but that sure sounds appealing! Here are today's efforts:
Started off with one of my favorite foodstuffs - the Whole Foods Croissant. (a.k.a.: heaven on earth) I couldn't take these photos fast enough. It was lunch time and I was hungry and I really wanted to eat one.
Then I moved on to other beloved subject matter -

I started out this assignment thinking I'd go to Whole Foods and get a bunch of lovely baked goods, since it's way too hot here in the Northeast today to turn on an oven and attempt to make my own. Well, this cupcake cost $5...and that put the kibosh on the baked-good theme. (This cupcake better be outstanding!)
Some more healthy (and economical) options:

Have to say, I really like taking pictures of food. It was fun shopping for stuff by texture and color, as opposed to the boring old 'what's on the list/what do we need for dinner' routine. Whole Foods was a great place to do this.
On the desk today are a few items. Working my keester off on holiday cards - why? Because it's holiday card time in the pub world - at least I'm getting ahead on the holiday craftiness, right?
Really feeling the corrugated this year...
Also in the works...I volunteered to make a scrapbook for the retiring principal of my son's preschool. Got an envelope full of photos with memories jotted on the backs of them. I've never made a book for someone else. Need to come up with a plan & collect all the paper, etc. That's due next Friday so I better get that going on!

I realized this morning it's been ages since I made a layout. It's also been ages since I took pictures of people, like my kids for instance. Artichokes, designer cupcakes and paper crafts are great, but the to get back to taking pictures of people! Fortunately, we've got activities coming up this week and over the holiday weekend that should provide some photo opps.


Karen B. said...

Ooh, if I were a brave girl I'd paint my living room to match that artichoke, that is one awesome picture.

Keshka said...

These pictures are great! I also totally didn't realize you lived in NJ, too! Where are you in NJ?