Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vintage stuff and a new fave...

Busy making cards last night and today, I stumbled onto a stash of old button cards I picked up at a yard sale last summer. I decided to make a few using the button cards as backgrounds. Here's one from the group I made:
I love that ruler than runs up the one side. I had so much fun making these I am dying to get back out on the yard sale/estate sale circuit to replenish my stash. I remember where I got these - it was an estate sale of someone who once sewed a lot. In addition to a bunch of really old buttons, still on their cards, I got a bunch of spools of thread - the kind on the wood spools. Ah, the good old days. She also had tons of patterns. I wish I had picked some up. I remember at the time thinking I could use them in a crafty way but put them back. (That sound you hear is me kicking myself in the backside!) That will not happen again!

Also whipped up this little number today - a gift card holder:
(Don't know about you, but I love a big bold '3', I also like '2s' - I'm a complete type junkie!)
I realized not long before we were scheduled to leave for this party that we didn't have a card. (The card maker with no card!) I had so little time I really thought it wasn't going to happen. I am a notoriously slow card maker. Anyway, by limiting my time (I had about a half hour) I was forced to focus on the bare necessities which included 2 things: 1) hold the gift card & 2) address the 13th birthday. Mission accomplished. I hope she likes it.

Don't know about you, but I am always amazed at how fast 2 Peas ships stuff! I think I just got the shipping notice on Thursday and there it was on my doorstep when I got back from M's dancing school this morning. Happy, happy...this was the October Afternoon 'Thrift Shop' impulse buy from Tuesday morning. Have to say, I have a new favorite paper - well, it's actually neck & neck with that Sasafrass blue paper from the SC kit from last month. Here's part of the 2 Peas stash:
Next to the stickers on the left, the light blue medallion print - that's my new favorite. That paper is so pretty. I just want to hang it on my wall. Here's my other fave, the Sasafrass Lass, just for comparison sake:
This paper is so pretty, I just picked up 2 more sheets, just to be safe. (I never buy patterned paper in multiples unless I'm making a huge project or I love it.) Anywho, they both have that same vintage-y feel. Definitely loving this vintage trend!

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Sara said...

Cute cards!! Really love that gift card holder!!