Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The recycled wallpaper card.

While I'd love to spend all my time making cards and paper projects, like most people I have other responsibilitites. Least of which is going out and earning a living - to help support my family and my raging papercrafting obsession. Luckily, my day job is in a place and field that offers tons of visual inspiration. I work as an interior designer by day. I get to look at cutting edge, innovative (and sometimes pretty) design and get paid for it. Not bragging, but it's an awesome job. Paint, fabric, wallpaper....oh yeah. I carry my little sketchbook with me at all times, but especially when I'm working. Inspiration is around every corner.

Such was the case one day last fall when I was working on a residential project for our firm. Nothing is prettier than high-end residential wallcovering and I was having a great time ordering samples for this client's master bedroom. The pile came, the good ones were pulled out for presentation, the rejects thrown in the reject pile. Since our firm is very conscious of sustainability, we make every effort to return samples we don't need. I could not bear to part with that pile, though - it was paper, after all. I reasoned if I made the samples into something else, it's technically recycling. This sample, in particular, was speaking to me:
A lovely modern Chinoiserie with an aqua ground by Schumacher. Ahh. Nice. I wanted it for me but I know the hubby would object to the birds (and the color, and the fact that it's wallpaper, etc....the list goes on but a girl can dream...)
So, here's what I made with the sample - a thank you card for my boss:
I cut out the big bird motif and some of the vines and paired it up with the companion wallcovering (a trellis patern) and some old book pages.I added some French knots, stitching and lace trim and called it a day. I actually thought is was a little too busy and nearly tossed it. After some consideration, I decided to give it to her. She liked it. She was even nice enough to let me have it back when it got picked up by Simply Handmade:
By the way, if you haven't picked up this issue of Simply Handmade, you should. (I have an online subscription and every now and then pick up a paper copy.) It is loaded with amazing  projects and tons of inspiration. I love this magazine. To actually be included among these talented crafters is truly an honor!


Sara said...

Beautiful card! Congrats on the pub!!

Sara said...

Hey Valerie! Thanks for the comments on my blog! To answer your question, I don't scrap every Disney pic anymore. Over the summer last year I came up with this & it really works for me!