Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's craftiness.

The Cards Blog challenge this week is for Valentine's Day cards with no red. Since I am addicted to this challenge, I had to have my weekly card making session. Here's what I made:
For this card and the next one, I used a Tattered Angels mist to spray some heart shaped doilies. I've had this color of mist on hand for at least a year and thought it was a dud because as far as I could tell, it had no color at all. No matter what I sprayed it on, I just couldn't see it. Until today, that is. I decided to try it on this off-white, un-textured cardstock, and voila. It's very subtle, almost like a glittery damask. I paired it up with some ancient (2007?) Foofala patterned paper. (The only paper I own that has any gold in it.)
(image removed for publication)
Here's a variation. This one is the same misting technique but a smaller card. I was definitely feeling some shabby chic-ness today. The little jewelry-sized tags are courtesy of my new Stampin Up punch that came yesterday. I ordered a set of really small sentiment stamps to go with it. Cute - and Stampin Up makes the stamps unmounted now, too. (You get a choice, wood blocks or not.)  I figured I'd give them a whirl since I already own all the clear blocks and I could stand to save some space. They work fine. They don't 'stick' as well as an acrylic stamp but it's not a huge issue with these little images.
On this card, I put the mist away and took inspiration from something I saw yesterday on the Scrappy Jedi blog. These garlands with punched doilies - aren't they pretty? (Also feeling the doilies today!) I thought how great and easy - I can do that. Well, punching doilies is hard, particularly if you skip the part about adhering them to a base cardstock, which I did. Forgot all about that step. Anyway, I was lucky to get these 3 circles - so I ran with them and made this simple card.

Got a box of happy today from the UPS guy. My first item ever published returned home today from its extended vacation in Utah, along with a box chuck full of scrapbook product. This card was in the Scrapbook Trends special Holiday Cards issue in December 09.

Welcome home friend. Because of you I've been submitting relentlessly and blogging along the way. Thanks Paige and Northridge Media for taking a chance on a kid from NJ with questionable photo skills who had never been published before!

Speaking of photo skills, I worked on my photo assignment yesterday. First half of the assignment, the no-shadow portrait, is as done as it's going to get. It's just too cold outside to keep working on this. I am lucky to have a girl who is patient. (She doesn't get that from me.) Here are some of my results.
Marilyn has a raging 'runny nose moustache', which I tried to Photoshop away in a couple of these shots. I'm just learning Photoshop Elements, though, so I wasn't super successful here. These were all taken in manual. I had reflector boards set up all around her but still managed to get some shadow. I didn't get the focus as sharp as I should have. I know why but had no idea how to fix the problem. I'm sure I'll hear all about it tomorrow night when the entire class is critiquing them.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

LOVELY cards Valerie - as always, you're so talented and creative. And I'm glad you got your box! Merry Christmas :)

Monica said...

These Valentine's day cards are divine! I really love the old fashioned look to them. Just gorgeous Valerie. I appreciate the design aspect of your cards. They are very inspiring.

teacher jessy said...

I love the "Always & Forever" card... so classy and it has a vintage look to it :) Congrats on being featured at Cards blog!

Valerie said...

thanks so much everyone!