Sunday, February 21, 2010


Not a ton of craftiness going on yesterday, unless making a great lasagna counts. We celebrated my in-law's birthdays and anniversary last night so my day focused around cooking and getting the part of the house that isn't my scrap area ready for company.

My scrap area is, however, spotless and ready for action. I plan to take full advantage of the immaculate conditions down there today.

On my list - the week 6 Ella sketch, some work for a design team submission - both of which may or may not be combined with the August calls for Scrapbook Trends and Cards magazine.

Here's a layout I did about 2 weeks ago for an Ella cover submission. I'm guessing it didn't make the cut because I think I would have heard by now. After I made it I realized I missed some of characteristics they were looking for - like a main focal point photo and legible journaling. I will keep that in mind next time.  I do like the way this one turned out, though, so, I'm not too upset about the flub.
Here it is. Another layout about me. (Seem to be making a lot of these lately.)
I have a friend who calls me Miss Val and I thought "Misc. Val" would be a good play on words and an excellent title for a layout with tidbits about me. Unfortunately, I'd probably be the only one that would get it. So I changed it to Misc. Me. I should have left Misc. Val. Not too late to change it.
I punched circles from a Basic Grey Origins paper and zig zagged them onto the background.
I resisted this BG line(Origins) at first because of the colors but I now I really love it. I just bought some more. It looks great with so many of my photos. It will be great with all of those photos I have from the 70's. I also love the way it looks with navy. I've noticed a lot of navy turning up in my work lately, particularly when there is green involved. I love green and navy combos. I also love navy and orange. Must be the lover of nautical stuff in me surfacing.

Anyone hear about this:
Target with a Liberty of London Collection? I am very excited about this. I missed the John Derian boat last year.
I made it just in time to see a couple of damaged items on clearance. Not going to let that happen again! I ran over there yesterday morning after seeing the commercial the night before while watching the Olympics. I asked and most of the salespeople had no idea what I was talking about, except one. Not until March she said. March 14 to be exact. I'll be like one of those video game people that wait online overnight for the release of the newest game, except I'll be waiting for small floral printed fabric home furnishings and clothing. I wonder who else will be out there with me?

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Sara said...

I like your room! Your LO is very pretty--sorry it didn't make the pub...there's always next time!