Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The eagle has landed...

At long last, the arrival of my first Studio Calico club kit.

More Kraft – reminds of that SNL skit with the “more cowbell” – so funny. I’ll think of that every time I use a piece of kraft cardstock now.
I can’t wait to start making stuff with this kit. Hopefully I'll have some stuff to post by the weekend. Under normal circumstances, with a big snow day like today, and nowhere to go, I would have already ripped into this thing. Unfortunately, my attention is diverted to this:
I am relieved that they are baked. And relieved that the base coat has actually started to make it onto the cookies. It’s just a little overwhelming right now. These big cookie jobs always are. It's like having a baby - you forget what it feels like, then you have a another and you remember and swear never to do it again, then you forget again, etc. etc.
I would bellyache some more here about having to bake & ice over 100 cookies by Friday, but this particular batch is for my parents, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this Saturday with a big party. I want to make some cute tags for these cookies. Something with a scanned photo from their wedding. Worked on that a little bit today but didn’t make much headway. I'll post what I come up with.

Wow, we are getting slammed with snow today. It's still snowing. It's been snowing since 9 last night. Here’s a photo from this morning of a tree in my backyard:

Here’s the same tree at 6 pm:
Just beyond the bush/tree is our pool. (sigh) I am counting the days until I call the pool guy to schedule our opening. March 1…almost there!
Here's the view from my desk. You can see the diving board in the background.
Here's the same view at 6 pm - the snow is heavy and looks so pretty on the trees :
I’ll be glad when the cookie baking and party biz is over, because then it will be time for this:

Yippee! I’m an unapologetic Nascar fan. (and the Jersey shore is not a hot-bed of Nascar appreciation – so it’s lonely dedication!) I started watching a few years ago and haven’t stopped since. I even went to my first race over the summer in Dover, DE. What loud, exhilarating fun. Can’t wait to go back. In the meantime:
Go 5 – Go Mark Martin! 2010 is your year!!

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Amy Heller said...

You are funny- an unapologetic fan! You got a lot more snow than us- we didn't get what they predicted. But I did get my SC yesterday, too - whoo hoo! I can't wait to start playing too! Have fun! BTW - those cookies look yummy!