Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday stuff

Well, I didn't get outside to do the portrait assignment for my photo class - it's just too cold, and I didn't purge my scrapbooking supplies like Amy - go Amy!! But, I did work on a few layouts for some submission deadlines that are coming up.
Here's my first effort:
a summer overview layout. Not really feeling the buttons. Might have to tweak this one a bit before I submit it. (Isn't it amazing how different a project looks once you take a picture of it? It's like looking at it with someone else's eyes. Always amazes me.) Don't you love that American Crafts cloud paper? I just added about 5 sheets of it to my stash. It goes with everything and makes whatever you put on it look very happy.
Here's effort number two:
a few of things about this layout: 1) that heavy cream label on the low left is a real vintage label that came in a package of graphic ephemera I ordered a few weeks ago. It was perfect for this layout. Here's a close up I took after I sewed it down.
I just wanted to leave it that way. I wish I had a dozen more of these things. I don't know what I'd do with them - I'd just be happy knowing I had them on hand - just in case. Here's my journaling:
2) I couldn't do a layout about picking strawberries withouth mentioning my cousin Lorraine - who passed away in 2001 at 39 years old. She was the one who liked to pick strawberries and took me on my first berry picking adventure. It was her 'thing' and we tried to go every June. I know I will need to do another layout that focuses more on those days. I don't think I'm ready yet, though. I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since she left us.
My brief journaling is written on label stickers from the Paper Source. Loving them. You can even run them through a printer. I think they are intended to be mailing label stickers - but oh, they are so much more than that.
Thing number 3) about this layout - which I am still trying to get my head around - is that I took this picture about 20 minutes ago. It's dark outside, incandescent light is my only  light source and I didn't use the flash! I mentioned in my last post about learning what the white balance on my camera does - and here is the actual proof that it works. Usually a picture taken in these conditions, with no flash, results in photo with an extreme yellow cast. Not when you get that white balance going. (hooray!) Now I don't have to finish my projects the night before a deadline so I can take the photo the next morning in natural light. This will make my life a whole lot easier!


Amy Heller said...

Hooray for white balance - I just reset mine, too, for the 1st time - what is yours set at? It looks great! Thanks for the shout out on my sale - I need to get photos up this week for each - it was just too much work for today :) I LOVE the Paper Source, too - I was just perusing their decorative papers this week - wish they had a vintage bee stamp like their logo! :)

Valerie said...

Hey Amy - happy to help with the sale - I hope you hard work today pays off!
The white balance on my camera is set to incandescent (at the moment). It's such an easy switch - to think all this time I've had no idea. So much to learn!!
Love that bee, too. Bees are supposed to be hot this year - so say the trendspotters...